We supply services and materials to all Vermont residents without charge. Visitors and temporary residents of less than six months are asked for a deposit of $10.00, returnable at the end of six months residency or when property is purchased in the area

Materials are lent for two weeks; high demand books may be limited to one week. Renewals may be made at the desk or by telephone or e-mail.
Overdue Books

Overdue notices are sent after two weeks or less if reserved or interlibrary loans. After a second notice, a bill is mailed for a non-returned item, and borrowing privileges are withdrawn until the item is returned or paid for. There are no fines, but a conscience box is available.
Computer Access

The computer may be reserved by a phone call. Time online is limited to one hour. No more than two people may share the computer at once.
If we don't have the book

As a member of the Vermont Automated Library System (VALS) we will happily borrow books for you that we do not have. A donation towards the postage is appreciated, but not required.